Discipline Clerk ext 6092329

9th Grade: Duaron Williams, ext 6092434

10th Grade:  Travis Aikens,  ext 6092251

11th/12th  Grade:  Lula Steele,  ext 6092298

Assistant Principal Over Discipline: Frederick Corn

Classroom Basics

  • Tardy Policy - After the tardy bell, students who are late to ANY class will not be allowed into the class without a pass or a detention/consequence notice. All classrooms will be locked at the sound of the tardy bell.

  • No Passes will be given to students for 1st, 5th, and 7th period

  • 10/10 Rule - students are not allowed to get a pass to leave the classroom the first and last 10 minutes of class

  • Bell Work (immediately upon entering the classroom)

  • Attendance - record during 1st 10 minutes of class and it helps to incorporate a class seating chart

  • Dress Code - check during the 1st 10 minutes of class (see Dress Code Policy for details)

  • Cell Phones, Headphones, and Electronic Devices are not allowed in the learning environment (including charging)

  • Students are to follow OCPS Policies on Digital Devices (no Movies, videos, etc…) within the learning environment

  • Bell to Bell Instruction (teacher dismisses the class, not the bell)

  • NO FOOD or BEVERAGES allowed in the classroom

Dress Code Policy

  • Clothing with Holes, Tears, or Patches above the knee are permitted only with Tights Underneath with No Skin Showing

  • Bonnets, Head Wraps, Bandanas, Wave Caps, Skull Caps, or Hoods are Not Permitted

  • Blankets, Pajamas, Offensive Language Shirts, Crop, Mid-Driffs, or Tank-Tops are Not Permitted

  • Form-Fitting or Revealing Clothing, Sagging Pants or Displaying Undergarments are Not Permitted

  • Headphones are not allowed to be worn during the academic school day

1st - 3rd Offenses – Warning in HERO w/parent contact on a 3rd offense
4th Offense - Administrative Detention (1 Hour M, T, Th)
5th Offense - Wednesday School (2 Hours) w/ Parent Contact
6th Offense – Saturday School (3 Hours) w/ Parent Conference
7th Offense – 3 Days of P.A.S.S. and Parent Contact
8th Offense - 5 Days of P.A.S.S. and Parent Conference
9th Offense or more - SEE ADMINISTRATOR

Tiger PAWS - Positive Achievements & Warnings System

Jones High School has established a Positive Behavioral Support plan known as Tiger Paws.

Students receive positive points for good actions and receive negative points for certain actions.

I am...
accountable for my actions
accountable for my results
accountable for my achievements.

Positive Points:

- Attending Tutoring = 10 pts/hr
- Acts of Service = 5 pts
- Community Service = 10 pts
- Serving Detention = 10 pts

Visit the TIGERS PAWS store to redeem your points!

Negative Points:

- Tardy to School = -1 pt
- Tardy to Class = -1 pt
- Dress Code Violation = -5 pts
- Level 1 Infraction = -10 pts
- Level 2 Infraction = -20 pts
- Level 3 Infraction = -30 pts
- Level 4 Infraction = -40 pts