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Welcome to the GREAT Jones High School

Principal Allison KirbyDear Jones High School Students, Families, and Community Members:

It is my sincere pleasure and honor to serve this great school and community. Jones High School has established a tradition of excellence that is the result of strong community ties, appreciation for our historical significance and the most amazing students in Florida. It is our mission to lead all Tigers to success. Jones High School provides an academically rigorous environment as well as an array of athletics, performing arts, clubs and organizations, and two magnet programs. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or need additional information.

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Thank you, 
Principal Allison Kirby

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Jones High School is becoming a Community Partnership School!

What Makes a Community Partnership School At Jones High School Special?

Health and Wellness:
Students can get a range of health and social services at school.
Expanded Learning: Help with school work, as well as additional learning opportunities, will be available outside regular school hours.
Family and Community Engagement: Families and the community are partners in their children's education. The school is the neighborhood center where both partners and students learn and grow.
Collaborative Leadership: A culture of teamwork where parents and the community help the school meet the needs of both students and the community.

Jones High School, A Community Partnership School is a partnership among Children's Home Society of Florida, Orange Blossom Health, Orange County Public Schools, and the University of Central Florida.

Community Partnership School Banner: Includes text and graphics that state, "Improved student attendance, Improved student behavior, Improved student health, and Improved academic performance."

Jones High School is a LaunchEd School

Every student is issued a laptop and charger that they must carry back-and-forth to school each day. To view the district's Family Technology Handbook, LaunchED Handbook LaunchED Handbook. You can access the handbook in additional languages.

For the 2019-2020 school year two additional resources were added to Launchpad; Public Portal and the Parent Portal. Information about each is highlighted below.

Parent Portal
The LaunchPad Parent Portal site will provide automated access to different OCPS systems that parents and guardians will utilize such as Canvas and Skyward Parent Access. The registration process for LaunchPad uses the mobile phone number or email address that is on file with the school in our student information system. To register for an account, parents and guardians will go to
Once registered, parents and guardians will visit to login and access their account. Access to this resource will not be available until after August 5. When information is added or updated in Skyward, it will take 24-48 hours to active parent registration in the Parent Portal.

Public Portal

This is a publicly visible portal that shows the apps we currently use in OCPS through LaunchPad. It shares basic information about each product and is accessible without a login. To access the public portal go to:

Device Fines & Library Fines
Damage Device fines for damaged/lost laptops and chargers must be paid via For steps on setting up an account, click here. Library and textbook fines must also be paid via Cash, checks, or money orders will not be accepted. Be sure to contact the Jones High School Media Specialist ( regarding current fines.

Tiger PAWS - Positive Achievements & Warnings System
Jones High School has established a Positive Behavioral Support plan known as Tiger Paws.

Students receive positive points for good actions and receive negative points for certain actions.

I am...
accountable for my actions
accountable for my results
accountable for my achievements.

Positive Points:
- Attending Tutoring = 10 pts/hr
- Acts of Service = 5 pts
- Community Service = 10 pts
- Serving Detention = 10 pts

Visit the TIGERS PAWS store to redeem your points!

Negative Points:
- Tardy to School = -1 pt
- Tardy to Class = -1 pt
- Dress Code Violation = -5 pts
- Level 1 Infraction = -10 pts
- Level 2 Infraction = -20 pts
- Level 3 Infraction = -30 pts
- Level 4 Infraction = -40 pts





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