School Counselors


Student Services Contact Information

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School Counselor





Mrs. Mells

Ext 6092311

[email protected]


Mrs. Campbell

Ext 6092225

[email protected]

MC-Q and IB Diploma Programme

Mrs. Cadette

Ext 6092345

[email protected]



Ext 6092200

[email protected]





Assistant Principal of Instruction

Mrs. Wilson

Ext 6092262

[email protected]


Ms. Kendrick

Ext 6092303

[email protected]

Career and College Specialist

Ms. Felder

Ext 6092245

[email protected]



Meeting With Your School Counselor

Students must schedule a time to meet with their school counselor.  Meetings will currently be held by phone or video conference.  Use the links below to schedule.

Mrs. Mells -

Mrs. Campbell -

Mrs. Cadette -

Mr. Morse -




·       Checklist and Resources for Juniors and Seniors

·       Community Service Form/Resources

·       Curriculum Guide

·       Dual Enrollment

·       FLVS/OCVS Virtual School Registration

·       Graduation Requirements

·       Late arrival/Early Release

·       Magnet Information

·       MVP Resources

·       Postsecondary Information

·       Recommendation Letters

·       SAT/ACT Registration and Waivers

·       Schedule Change Requests

·       Social/Emotional Support

·       Tech Issues and Support

·       Transcript Requests

***Please note that students must be using their student account to access google document links.


Checklist and Resources for Juniors/Seniors

Junior Checklist and Resources Page:

Senior Checklist and Resources Page:


Community Service

Community service is not a graduation requirement but it is required for the Bright Futures Scholarship and other scholarship opportunities.


***NEW*** Please note that work hours (with paycheck stub documentation) will now count for official community service. The Community Service form will still need to be completed for work hours and paycheck stubs will need to be attached.


Please email your counselor if you have questions or to verify that your community service location will qualify for Bright Futures.


Community Service Forms are located in the Guidance Lobby and on the link below.


Community Service Locations and Searches:

Second Harvest Food Bank -


Dual Enrollment

Valencia Dual Enrollment:

Requirements for Valencia DE include a 3.0 unweighted GPA for 9-11th, a 3.0 weighted GPA for 12th, and college-ready test scores on PERT, SAT, or ACT. Be aware of test score deadlines when applying as it can take several weeks for scores to be delivered and processed by Valencia.

Orange Technical College Dual Enrollment:

Contact Ms. Paramore at [email protected] for information and registration.


FLVS/OCVS Virtual School Registration

  • Go to to register for a class on Orange County Virtual School.
  • Recommended courses that meet the online course graduation requirement include Driver’s Ed and Peer Counseling.
  • Your counselor will approve the course and then you will be assigned a teacher.
  • You must complete the welcome call with the teacher in order to start the class.

For students new to FLVS, use the following link for step by step directions:

For returning students, use the link for step by step directions to add a new course:


Graduation Requirements

Graduation Tracking Sheet (make a copy to input your information).

These are the MINIMUM requirements for graduation. Almost all students will graduate with more than 24 credits. Students applying to colleges and universities MUST meet extra requirements to be competitive.

  • 2.0 Unweighted GPA
  • 24 Credits
  • 4 English
  • 4 Math (Required = Algebra 1 and Geometry)
  • 3 Science (Required = Biology)
  • 4 Social Studies (Required = World History, US History, Government/Economics with financial literacy)
  • 1 HOPE
  • 1 Fine/Performing Arts
  • 8 Electives
  • 1 Online Course - must finish both semesters if a 1 credit course
  • FSA ELA and Algebra 1 passing test scores or concordant score (see grade level tracking sheet for required scores)
  • Additional 4 Year University/Bright Futures Scholarship Requirement - 2 years of the same foreign language


Late Arrival/Early Release

Requirements for late arrival or early release include:

  • Seniors only
  • Option starting 2nd semester
  • On track with credits
  • Minimum 3.0 unweighted GPA
  • 4 core classes each year (math, English, Science, Social Studies)
  • Graduation test score requirements met
  • Minimum 75 hours community service hours (or proof of work hours)
  • Acceleration credit earned

Other considerations include post-secondary plans and strength of senior schedule when applying to colleges or universities.

Magnet Information

Jones High School has a Medical Magnet and an International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. The magnet application for the 2023-2024 school year will open on November 1, 2022 and will close on February 15, 2023. Students do not have to reapply if they are currently enrolled in a program.

***Please note that only incoming Freshmen can now apply for the Medical Magnet as the 9th grade class is now a requirement***

For more information on the magnet process, please visit the link below.


MVP Resources

The link below contains information for various local resources including employment, shelter, support services, mental health and health care services, food and clothing.


Postsecondary Information

State University System Matrix: Florida public universities


Common App: Use to apply to many colleges on one platform.


FAFSA Help worksheets:


Florida Financial Aid/Bright Futures:

Recommendation Letters

Fully complete the recommendation request form below and send to your counselor. The more information you include in the form, the more personalized your letter will be. Be sure to send 3 weeks before the letter is needed.

***Also complete the form below if applying to colleges using common app.


SAT/ACT Registration and Waivers

Register for SAT at

Register for ACT at

Waivers are available through senior seminar teachers or Ms. Felder if you are not in a senior seminar class. [email protected]


Schedule Change Requests

  • Schedule changes occur during the first two weeks of school and students must use the schedule change request form that is posted on canvas to request a change.
  • Schedule changes are based on availability and are not guaranteed.
  • Valid schedule change requests include missing a class period, scheduled for a class you have already taken or do not have the prerequisite for, change in level, elective change (limited and based on progression and availability).
  • Invalid schedule change requests include preference of teacher, class period, lunch time.
  • Schedule changes can potentially alter other class periods, teachers, or lunch times. You accept this condition if completing a schedule change request.
  • Continue to check Skyward for any changes to your schedule. Changes can take up to 48 hours to update on Canvas.


Social/Emotional Support

Students can contact their school counselor regarding social/emotional support or personal concerns. The school counselor can also refer students for longer term mental health counseling services through Orange County Public Schools and participating SEDNET providers.


Tech Issues and Support

Technical and laptop support is available in the media center during 2nd and 6th periods.


Transcript Requests

Please email your school counselor and the guidance clerk, Ms. Wilcox ([email protected]), about picking up or sending transcripts to colleges or universities.

Seniors, email your school counselor regarding Commonapp, Coalition, and SendEdu. School counselors send transcripts through these platforms.

Transcripts will be reviewed with students during Senior and Junior meetings and can also be posted to your SCOIR account.

***Transcripts cannot be emailed***