Medical Magnet & Career & Technical Education


The Jones High School Medical Magnet is a dual enrollment program offered through a partnership with Orange Technical College on the Jones High School campus. Students in the Medical Magnet program take advanced course work with hands-on experiences and will have the opportunity to complete the Practical Nursing program and take the National Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) examination. All dual enrollment courses are presented with the same rigor and complexity as adult technical courses offered at Orange Technical College.


  • Incoming freshmen can apply for the medical magnet at The magnet application is open from November 1st, 2023 through February 15th, 2024.
  •  3.0 GPA recommended
  •  Good attendance and behavior records
  •  Schedule to accommodate all magnet class requirements, including 6 week summer classes
  •  Bus transportation is not provided for this program, unless already zoned for Jones
  •  Eagerness to participate in college level courses


  • Opportunity to take the National Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) examination upon completion of the program
  •  Clinical experience at area hospitals, long-term care facilities, and the state-of-the-art nursing simulation lab at Orange Technical College
  •  Partnership with Valencia College provides the opportunity for students to take college credit courses and earn potential early admission.

 Course Progression

  • 9th – Medical Skills Services (1 credit)
  •  10th – Practical Nursing Foundations 1 (1 credit)
  •  Summer – Practical Nursing Foundations 1 (1 credit)
  •  11th – Practical Nurse Foundations 2 (2 credit), Medical Surgical Nurse (1 credit)
  •  Summer – Medical Surgical Nurse 1 (1 credit)
  •  12th – Medical Surgical Nurse 2 (2 credits), Comprehensive Nursing Skills (1 credit)


LPN Promotional Video:

Contact Information

Medical Magnet Coordinator:

 Mr. Morse- [email protected] (407) 835-2300 ext. 6092200

School Choice Website:  School Choice Services - Orange County Public Schools (