City Year

Welcome to the Jones City Year Orlando page! 

Thank you for taking an interest in who we are as an organization. Below you will find the AmeriCorp members who are proudly serving at Jones High School this academic year, as well as, who we are as an organization and what we are striving to accomplish. 

For more information, please contact the Jones City Year Orlando Impact Manager, Sasha Pimentel at [email protected].

Bianka Pierre
Bianka Pierre – Algebra 1/Ms. Rhaburn

Carly Casey
Carly Casey – English Language Arts/Ms.Kendrick

Jack Phalon
Jack Phalon – Math/Ms. Hunter

Jaquon McEntyre
Jayquon McEntyre – Math/Ms. Richardson

Jed Tajan
Jed Tajan (Team Leader) – African American Studies/Ms. Rolle

Julia Saffer-D'Anna
Julia Saffer-D'Anna – English Language Arts/Ms. Watson

Machael Richardson
Macheal Richardson – English Language Arts/Ms. Kelsey

Mica Metayer
Mica Metayer – English Language Arts/Ms. Duva

Need help with your English Language Arts or Math course?

Tiger Academy is every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-4:30pm. The session can be accessed through the ‘Student Body – Jones HS’ Canvas page.