Student Government

Djuna Poole SGA Sponsor
Djuna Poole, SGA Adviser
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Jones High School Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is the student voice at Jones High School.  The purpose of the Jones High School SGA is three-fold: 1)  to help develop the students of Jones High School who exemplify qualities of citizenship 2)  to provide representation for Jones High School students in a democratic process of planning, supervising, administering, and coordinating such activities and affairs that affect the general welfare of the school and students and 3) to foster and promote the positive relationship that exists between Jones High School and the surrounding communities.  
SGA, yearly, seeks students that are eager to work, dedicated to service, and always display Tiger pride.  SGA has the following positions that are open to seniors only:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian, Mr. JHS & Miss JHS 
Each class has the following positions:  President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer, Class Mr. & Miss
Sophomores, juniors and seniors that meet the requirements, are elected in the spring and freshmen and open positions are elected in the fall.  The minimum requirement for the majority of positions is a 3.0 GPA.

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