TAG: Tigers Achieving Greatness

Tigers Achieving Greatness

Contact Sponsor Ms. Williams - room 258


Our mission is to get students on track for graduation, and prepare them for post-secondary planning and goal setting.


By the end of their senior year, each TAG participant will be on track for graduation, with an action plan for after graduation.

We will achieve this by utilizing Khan Academy, Tutoring, Teaching Organizational Skills, Mentor/Mentee Cohorts, SAT/ACT Prep, Weekly Check-ups, Student Incentives, Florida Virtual School, Parental Involvement and Partners in Education.

The values we bring will be increasing graduation rates, building self-value, self-esteem, and preparing students for life beyond high school.

Students will be identified with the assistance of counselors and/or teacher recommendation. Parent letters will be sent out for parent notification and student buy-in.

Criteria for T.A.G.:

  • Students who have a GPA of 1.9 or below

  • Students who have not passed graduation requirement exams

  • Students with attendance issues

  • Students with low motivation and behavior concerns


  • Increase student grade point averages

  • Help students build and maintain credits

  • Help students get on track for graduation

  • Monitor for behavior and attendance issues

  • Monitor progress reports for missing assignments

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*TAG will meet every Thursday from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm in Ms. Williams’ room 258 – upstairs C Hallway